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juju dang is a seattle artist along with being a canadian prairie girl at heart.

she began creating in 2016 and mainly works with fluid acrylics to produce vibrant, colourful pieces that are definitely a projection of the energy within. in other words, juju’s pieces are indeed a reflection of her soul.

the technique that is evidenced comes from years of iteration where juju has owned her own style of painting. a recipe is somewhat followed and the pouring and layering of the paints is executed carefully yet organically.

the fleeting magic series contains limited edition prints where juju will take a macro capture of the fluid piece as it goes through its organic evolution.

through her fashion line house of juju, the main goal is to highlight the talents and skills of POC on the runway.

juju graduated from UW with a PhD in oral biology. she is also involved in the seattle fashion and film communities. juju is also founder/editor-in-chief of Vietology Magazine (IG – viet.ology, fb – Vietology).